October 23, 2020

Sat Nam Dear Members of our 3HO, Sikh Dharma, and KRI Community,

As a community built on a shared vision of service, righteous action and goodwill to all, we are facing a time of challenge and polarization. The pain and division that our community is currently experiencing necessitates that we work together to find a place of understanding and healing.  Towards that end, we are beginning a program of Compassionate Reconciliation based on the principles of restorative justice, conflict transformation, and other modalities. We hope to include all facets of our community in this effort, as each person is important and all voices need to be included to truly be successful.

We have engaged a team of restorative consultants to help guide us through this process. To find the right team of consultants, the Siri Singh Sahib Corporation (SSSC) created an interim commission with members from the SSSC and our legacy organizations to research the work that has been done in the area of restorative justice and conflict transformation. After vetting 17 teams from around the world, and conducting 12 interviews, three teams were selected for a second round of interviews before making a final decision. We are very happy to announce that our final choice, Just Outcomes, has been hired to help facilitate the Compassionate Reconciliation efforts for our community. 

Just Outcomes is experienced in supporting communities who are responding to harmful and difficult situations.  They will work with us to create a meaningful approach to the issues that we are facing. These include helping those who reported harm, resolving the issues that divide our community, and finding lasting and just solutions. This will not be a superficial process, and therefore will not be a quick process. We expect to be working with this effort for the next one to two years and we are committed to investing the time and energy required for this work to be successful.

As a first step, a Compassionate Reconciliation Commission will be formed to work directly with Just Outcomes. The commission will consist of members from various facets of our community, who will serve to guide us in this process. 

Meanwhile, we invite you to get to know the Just Outcomes team. 

Who is Just Outcomes
Just Outcomes is a team of restorative justice consultants who work with leaders in communities and organizations to build and improve systems of community safety, justice, and accountability. Just Outcomes specializes in achieving results that support collective leadership and incorporates the insights, aspirations, and needs of communities and groups.

Just Outcomes Mission
Our mission is to support communities and organizations in developing just responses to harmful actions or situations.

Just Outcomes Vision
We envision vibrant and resilient communities built on the strength of just relations.

Founders and Core Just Outcomes Team 

Catherine Bargen

Catherine Bargen has been working with communities to develop restorative justice programs for over 20 years. Working across Canada and internationally, she consults, trains and facilitates restorative justice and conflict transformation processes for schools, communities of faith, Indigenous communities, governmental and non-governmental organizations. Prior to co-founding Just Outcomes, Catherine served for 9 years as the Restorative Justice Coordinator within the Victim Services and Crime Prevention Division of the Government of British Columbia, Canada. She has written and co-authored several widely-read resources on restorative justice, and in 2019 was honored with BC’s Community Safety and Crime Prevention Award. Catherine holds a master’s degree in Conflict Transformation from the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding in Virginia, USA. She brings an upbeat style to her work, while offering her genuine care and compassion for all those she works with.

Matthew Hartman has over 20 years multisector experience as a facilitator, trainer, program administrator, and consultant within the restorative justice movement in the US and Canada. His experience includes facilitation of restorative justice processes within varied contexts; work within non-profit and governmental sectors to redevelop and administer restorative justice programming; and, partnering with communities and agencies to align their responses to harm with restorative and universal human values. A highly principled practitioner, Matthew has a longstanding passion for human and organizational development. Blending his curiosity and empathy with exceptional organizational and technical skills, Matthew offers an empowering and collaborative approach to working with people and groups. He holds a master’s degree in Conflict Transformation.

Matthew Hartman

Aaron Lyons

Aaron Lyons is an experienced and passionate peacebuilder and restorative justice specialist with 17 years’ international service in facilitation, consultation, coaching and training. Holding a Masters’ Degree in Conflict Transformation from the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding, Virginia, he brings years of facilitation practice in restorative dialogue in the aftermath of crime and trauma. Aaron supports a spectrum of governmental and non-governmental agencies to design and implement values-driven, trauma-informed and culturally sensitive approaches to addressing conflict, harm and injustice. He is a strong believer in the ability of people to grow and discover their own creative ways through even the most difficult life experiences. A natural facilitator, writer and instructor, Aaron brings an insightful, engaging, and steady presence to all his work.

If you want to read and learn more about Just Outcomes and their work please click on the following link:

We are currently setting up the systems for inquiries and communications and we will keep the community informed as the work progresses. We are also setting up a new Compassionate Reconciliation website which we plan to have up and running within the next few weeks.

We look forward to beginning this process and joining with our community in this endeavor. We look to the healing light of Guru Ram Das to open our hearts, heal our spirit, and transform our consciousness.

In Service and Consciousness,

Siri Singh Sahib Corporation