Our Path to Compassionate Reconciliation

In alignment with our commitment to truth and high ethical standards, formal and immediate steps were taken to address the allegations. A committee was formed called the Collaborative Response Team (CRT) to guide the response by our organizations. A neutral third party organization, called An Olive Branch, was hired to conduct an  independent  investigation and write a report, which was completed and published in August 2020.  

The report concluded that the alleged sexual misconduct by Yogi Bhajan “more likely than not” occurred.

Listening Tour meetings were held throughout our global community to provide a safe environment for members to share their experiences and perspectives, so everyone’s story could be heard. It became clear that a broader process for truth and reconciliation was needed. 

We chose an impartial and well trained group of professionals to lead the Compassionate Reconciliation process in order to facilitate acknowledgment, healing and inclusion for all those who have reported harm by Yogi Bhajan or our organizations and  those in our global community who had concerns about the process taken or the conclusions drawn from An Olive Branch’s report.  The Compassionate Reconciliation process can heal the divide among our community members, remain sensitive to those who have experienced pain and loss, and continue to recognize the value of the Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma way of life. 

After researching work done in the areas of restorative justice and conflict transformation, and vetting 17 teams from around the world, Just Outcomes was selected for this important work with our community. 

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The effort to find lasting and just solutions will take at least one to two years to complete. We welcome and invite your assistance and participation in creating new beginnings and visioning the future for our global yogic and dharmic communities. While we do not have all the answers yet, we are opening a space for all voices and input to be included in re-envisioning our future together.