August 28th, 2020

Dear Members of our 3HO, Sikh Dharma, and KRI Community,​

Sat Nam. With the release of the report from An Olive Branch, the next substantive task before us is to turn our attention to the process of healing. As stated previously, the Siri Singh Sahib Corporation and our related organizations are committed to taking action to address the findings in the report, to assist all reporters of harm and to promote healing in our community. We approach this huge task with an open heart and a sincere desire to reach out and move forward with the process of healing and reconciliation.

We have embarked on a program of Compassionate Reconciliation based on the principles of restorative justice, mediation and other healing modalities. We are currently interviewing and vetting a number of the most respected restorative justice experts throughout the world to assemble a team with specific qualifications that meet the needs of our community. We place the utmost importance on three main areas:

  •  Expertise in working with reporters of harm
  • Knowledge and experience in working with trauma in school and youth programs 
  • Working with spiritual communities to heal after major conflicts

Within the next two to three weeks, with the guidance of the consultant team, we will be forming a Compassionate Reconciliation Commission. The commission will consist of members from our community, including: reporters of harm, those who experienced harm from our youth programs, representatives from our organizations, Next-gen members, and others to address the various facets of healing and our community needs. The commission will share specific steps and work plans as they are developed.

We are also continuing our Listening Tour calls for all who wish to participate. To learn more about the Listening Tour and how to join, please click on the following link:
We are in a time of change and have an opportunity to meet challenges with honesty, courage and grace. We look to the healing light of Guru Ram Das to open our hearts, heal our spirit and transform our consciousness.

In Service and Consciousness,

Siri Singh Sahib Corporation